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Nonprofit Success Program

Get advice and coaching from an expert to help you with your most challenging tasks! 

Nonprofit leaders admitting into this program will start by meeting with a consultant to review their nonprofit’s health and needs. Based on these findings and any specific requests, the nonprofit leader will be assigned a coach with expertise in the area where they need the most help. Then, for 12 sessions, leaders will meet with their coach to create and implement a plan to address their most important issues.

Topic Areas:

  • Growth Strategy
  • Compliance/Board Management
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing

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Premium Services

Get premium services by top experts at affordable nonprofit pricing.

IT Services

It’s never been easier or more affordable to develop a donor database, create a marketing website, or grow your supporters with social media.

Our team utilizes the most in-demand IT software and solutions to meet your needs at a fraction of the price it would cost to hire an IT employee.


Program Evaluation

Grow your impact and meet funder requirements with program evaluation. We use a variety of evaluative techniques to best meet your organization’s evaluatory needs. From formative to summative evaluations, our evaluations are customized to match the stage and unique complexities of your programs.

Managed IT Solutions

For nonprofits of all sizes, it can be a challenging to stay up-to-date with website and email security and maintnance. That’s why we offer managed website hosting and managed email administration starting at just $35/month.

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